Quality New & Replacement UPVC Windows

When you choose McAdam Quality Windows & Doors, you are assured of more than just top quality Veka double glazed UPVC Windows – you can also be sure that McAdam Quality Windows & Doors are committed to upholding our strict standards of workmanship, training and customer satisfaction.

A Rated uPVC Windows

Superb heat retention saves on heating bills as well as using less of the world’s energy resources. You can even choose the level of heat retained by looking for the Window Energy Rating label, giving each window an ‘A’ ‘B’ or ‘C’ rating – ‘A’ Rated being the most efficient. Also, the sealing technology of PVCU will cut out draughts – keeping heat in and keeping you more comfortable.

Double Glazed Windows – Security

A hidden complex of high-security mechanisms built into each frame ensure virtually any uPVC window or door is more impenetrable than conventional wood equivalents. Names such as shootbolts, hooklocks and multi-point locking are as fearsome as they sound in deterring the would be intruder and helping to keep your home safe. If you have any specific security concerns, any reputable installation company will be happy to advise on advanced and specialist security measures offering even greater protection.

Virtually Maintenance Free

uPVC will never rot; it will never need painting or repainting and will go on looking and working as good as new with the occasional wipe down and a spot of oil here and there.

A Range Of Coloured uPVC Windows

Whether you choose brilliant white or any of a range of colours and woodgrain finishes, uPVC not only offers great looks but also more style options than ever; the only limit is your imagination.

Noise Reduction

Busy roads, noisy neighbours, barking dogs – whatever the cause, unwanted noise can blight the life of homeowners. Fortunately, the development of double and now triple glazing can significantly reduce this nuisance.

Windows Planning Permission

Any alteration to your home may be subject to legislation such as Planning Law and Building Regulations covering many issues from the look of the addition, to safety issues such as fire escape routes. These can vary, both in substance and interpretation, in different parts of Britain and Ireland and are far too complex to cover in a document such as this. Any reputable double glazing company will be happy to advise or you may consult the authorities in case of any uncertainty.

Double Glazing Window Tips:

  1. Don’t hurry There’s no need to rush into making any decisions – don’t feel pressured into choosing the wrong product or taking out loans when you don’t need to. In other words, don’t invest in anything unless you know what kind of company you are buying from – therein lies the beauty of Network VEKA!
  2. Go outdoors Instead of sitting inside trying to visualise about how your new windows might look – step outside to better imagine how the installation will affect the overall style of your home. Better yet, take a photo of your home to compare directly to brochure pictures and website images.
  3. Think about colour uPVC woodgrain effects are incredibly popular as they offer the classic look of timber frames with the many benefits of modern materials. Woodgrains can transform the character of your home, but they should be considered carefully as the effect can be dramatic. Many installers offer a bespoke colour bonding service – the aesthetic options really are limitless.
  4. Consider your security options uPVC installations are significantly more secure than traditional doors and windows, but there are a wealth of ways you could increase security even further – just ask your installer.
  5. What kind of glass do you want to use? It has been proven that double glazing can halve the heat loss of a home, but using things such as triple glazing or ‘low-emissivity’ glass can reduce it even further (up to 30% more). Toughened glass can enhance safety as well as security. Consider asking for a wider gap between panes to improve sound insulation.
  6. Ask us about the 10 year guarantee The best safety measure is an insurance-backed guarantee which we offer all of our customers.
    Network VEKA members offer a cast iron Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee, which means that homeowners can invest in home improvements with complete confidence.
  7. Think carefully about style Don’t feel constrained by the style of your existing windows, you could simply replicate them but the alternative options are endless. Sliding sash windows evoke the idea of classic townhouses, but what about Tilt and Turn windows or Fully Reversible openers? These are ideal for upper level windows as the outer side can be turned inwards for effortless cleaning.